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I have no sherry update for today, I'm afraid. I saw the bottle in my fridge, gently chilling as per the serving instructions, and I had a sniff of it to verify that yes, in fact, it still smells like sherry. So there's that.

But I was heading out to see a gig by one of Jo's bands. Jo isn't on Dreamwidth; in fact, she's barely on LiveJournal anymore, which is a pity, as her updates are always so wonderful to read. But anyway, one of the bands put out by the label she works for were doing a gig, Tune-Yards. It's basically just one woman doing weird vocal things and tape loops. Lots of tape loops. But the gig was amazing, one of the best I've seen this year (okay, that's from a list I could count on my hand, but still, it was amazing). She has a really powerful voice, which she uses to great effect. Plus she just seems so happy and upbeat, which is great to see in a performer, better than sullen and sulky, as so many of our indie stars are. I say "our", but she's American of course.

So, no sherry was the point I was making. Maybe soon.

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