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This one isn't tenuous. I actually touched my lips to the edge of a glass of the East India and drank from it. It went quite nicely with dessert, which was just the end of the pot of coconut & lime ice cream, lovely stuff, congratulations Waitrose.

Obviously this is the MAJOR news in my life at this time, though I might add I have leftovers for lunch today. It is apparently called 'taco salad', and clearly a work of genius since its "salad" qualities are fairly minimal (iceberg lettuce, a bit of tomato, lots of MEAT and CHEESE). However, it will be tasty I have no doubt. I am thinking about it a lot, mainly because I am already hungry.

In the Scand1n4vian K1tchen this morning, a woman was very insistent that her tea was too milky and asked the chap to get her one stronger. He gave her an extra teabag to add to her existing mug of too-milky tea and there was a tense moment of eye-to-eye contact which seemed to stretch out for aeons before she INSISTED on it being re-made because having the boiling water is MUY IMPORTANTE, SEÑOR. She wasn't Spanish, I just threw that one in there because, hello!, taco salad.

Anyway, I did find her tone rather aggressive, though I also obviously considered her point to be entirely fair and reasonable (black tea does need to be made freshly with boiling water). In the end, the slight petulance of the chap serving her when he realised he would have to make another mug of tea for her (this time, milk on the side) made me incline more towards her side in the CONFLICT.

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Date: 2010-02-21 05:55 pm (UTC)
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What is it about Scan Kitch? There has always been at least one odd customer on the occasions I've visited.

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