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┬íHola! I have returned from a holiday in Spain with many tales of sherry drinking. Actually, if I'm being honest, I have no tales of sherry drinking, as we did not imbibe any. However, the local wine to Córdoba is D.O. Montilla-Moriles, and is very dry indeed, though not fortified like sherry. It was rather nice, the glass of it we tried in the Taberna Salinas, from the friendly waiter, as well as the glass in the Bodega Guzmán, poured from a barrel behind the bar.

The other thing that we tried -- not consciously, but in two places (the above-mentioned Salinas, as well as the Taberna Campos) it was FOISTED upon us -- was a very sweet, viscous, dessert wine, which I suspect was the Moscatel, as it was almost raisin-flavoured. On the plus side, it was on the house. The one in Campos was superior (less sticky), but either way I'm not sure I'd have consciously ordered it.
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Hello! Oh Dreamwidth, I don't really use you much, even though over here I am me! And not some Japanese word that makes little sense even to me.

I suspect this is just going to me talking to the aether, but that's fine, because I've got to that point where sitting in the same small artificially-lit office all day without seeing any natural light has accustomed me to talking more or less to myself. However, it will be nice to get outside, even if it is bitterly cold.

I am going to sample sherries with Sarah (not of this manor, or maybe she is, who knows), anyway, SHERRIES. That was my point. My knowledge of the noble sherry is fairly limited, but I figure that given I'm going to southern Spain in the next few weeks, I should accustom myself to them a bit more. I mean, let's be honest, drinking sherry is the sort of thing yr granny does right? Well, it's the sort of thing my own granny does, and I have nothing against sherries per se, just not really very exciting in principle. I am however willing to change my opinion! BRING ON THE SHERRIES. (Also the mollejas.)

Well, I am all about the LEARNING -- and having something to focus one's learning around is always useful -- so perhaps I shall report back how they were tomorrow.

Speaking of southern Spain, I am properly excited about this holiday! It's good to organise things fairly quickly; it's the waiting that's the tiresome bit about any holiday, so hopefully more European breaks will happen throughout the year. Germany or northern Europe might be nice during the summer when it's warmer. Anyway, that's by the by. SPAIN! ♥♥♥

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