Oct. 10th, 2011

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Dear my long-unsuffering readership,

I entirely neglected to BLOG about the Sunday before last, when I had a glass of sherry. Yes, you will have gathered from my radio* silence that I have not drunk much sherry recently.

Well, the occasion was a birthday meal that Kerry arranged for me, to my local tapas place (well, as local a tapas place as we can find) in Camberwell, Angels & Gypsies. Let me just say right away that it's a nice place, with a good atmosphere, and a good range of interesting, inspiring tapas dishes. Everything we tried was tasty, and not TOO small.

They also have a page or two of sherries on the menu, as you'd hope and expect. I asked for a glass of Delgado Zuleta Amontillado, though I fear I received a glass of Delgado Zuleta Fino instead (I recall the waiter saying "fino" when he served it, and it wasn't until I'd already started drinking that I realised the error). After all, the two styles of sherry do taste slightly different. However, I cannot complain too greatly as after all it was still very pleasant.

Even better was the Delgado Zuleta Cream that Kerry ordered. I had a sip and it was really rather lovely, without some of the more acerbic notes that I got from the fino (is "acerbic" the word? I'm not sure it is). And despite the name, FEAR NOT, it did not involve actual cream. I'd personally suggest to the good people of Bodegas Delgado Zuleta that they avoid the word "cream" as it does rather conjure hideous imaginings of Drambuie, Bailey's and the like.

The place also had an extensive list of, rather randomly, rums. They were good, but this journal does not concern itself with rums, so I shall not elaborate.

[* not literally]

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