Feb. 15th, 2010

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As is customary, I shall post my sherry updates here. I acquired a bottle of that Lustau East India sherry I enjoyed so much at Barrica. It was £9 from Waitrose for a 500ml bottle and it seemed like a good thing to go with dessert on Valentine's Day, alongside the cava with the starter and the red wine for the mains.

Wine/food matching is very important when one is putting together a meal, especially one on quite so important a national holiday (oh wait? it's not?) as VD. I've never celebrated it before in pretty much any form, because, well, I mean, it's a bit naff as a concept. What's it dedicated to exactly? Chocolate boxes? Little toy fluffy bears with lovehearts on them? Well, no, as long as we can refocus it on food and drinking and watching awesome TV shows while curled up on the sofa all day, then actually it turns out that Valentine's Day is pretty good. I like food and drinking far better as a concept, and may extend this activity/holiday matching to further crass commercial celebratory occasions, WHO KNOWS!

But returning to the sherry update, I had some of it with my dessert as intended, and it was still rather nice, so good work me. I may roll this out to further desserts in future, though I stopped short of serving it with the dessert course at breakfast. I think a drier sherry is called for at this time of day and I had none, so ended up sticking with orange juice.

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